Nikolai P.

We've been using Hodelia and her service for our new baby boy for over 4 months now and couldn't recommend it more. We went with this service because cloth diapers are great for the environment and using Bum Baby Bum is just about the easiest way to get clean diapers delivered every week. The designs are fun and cute and you get to pick your own. All in all a fantastic service! Thank you!

Laura D.

Wonderful customer service! Great product! Nice price! Seriously, all our needs are met by Bum Baby Bum. Believe the reviews! Call and ask if they serve your area, from Fort Collins to Denver. BBB makes cloth diapers MORE convenient than disposables by delivering to your front door and providing reusable clean trash bags to re-pack the dirties into. Also nice is that the baby never gets diaper rash in BBB's diapers and you aren't putting plastic in the landfill. I like that I'm not having to wrangle huge boxes of diapers and bags of trash into and out of the house. Convenient point-of-contact via text or voice with quick response times. Cute patterns available on well made diapers, one-size-fits-all with snaps to adjust so YOU KEEP YOUR SAME SET OF DIAPERS the whole time your kid is wearing them. How do they keep track of whose is whose and send you back the right ones? It's magic, at the same time robust because I've been a customer for 8 weeks and I know my diapers. They come back very clean. This is a great service and I think you should be a customer.

Natalie R.

Great service, Hodelia is responsive and available for any questions! Unfortunately, my baby was allergic to the material and developed a rash so we weren't able to continue using the service, but Hodelia was great to work with and understanding. Super cute designs and easy to use.

Adam P.

Hodeila is awesome! I recommend Bum Baby Bum for all of your diaper needs.

Sam L.

We're at about the one month mark and things have been going very well with Bum Baby Bum. The diapers are a nice pocket-diaper style design, which is very easy to use and to teach others how to use (grandparents and the like). BBB requires less pre-cleaning than some other services, which means that for breastfed babies their diapers can go right in a pail without prewashing, which is very convenient.

The diapers themselves come in tons of fun patterns, and our baby finds them comfortable. We have had a few minor blow-outs, but our baby is still near the small end of the size range, and Hodelia has given us a few tips for a more secure fit which are mostly working out.

Worth a try if you are wanting to use cloth diapers, but were held back by the laundry loads, the initial expense of buying your own, or the complexity of folding and securing a traditional cloth diaper.

Devin B.

Wonderful and valuable service provided by a wonderful mom! Bum Baby Bum is a service created for moms by moms and exceeds in easing the price, pain, and process of changing diapers! Highly recommended and highly reliable!