How To Cloth Diaper

A Quick Guide



First, get Baby on top of the diaper- make sure the tabs

(wings) are on the bottom! This is important.



Second, pinch the midsection together and get around the

groin and thigh. You want the diaper as close to the crotch as

possible. No extra thigh fat on the inside of the diaper. This

is what prevents/minimizes leaks,



Third, start snapping. There are three snaps on each side.

Use all three. Snap the singleton first as this will keep

things tight on the thigh. Next snap the right (your left) of

the diaper as shown (it has both male and female ends).

Make it so it reaches roughly half-way around Baby’s

waist. Then snap the left (your right) side. If baby is still

thin, you may have to double up onto the female ends on the

side you’ve already snapped (see pic below for the female end




Fourth and last, make sure everything is snug. The thighs

will keep leaks from happening. The waist will prevent

blowouts. You should be able to insert a finger comfortably

but snugly into the waist at the belly button. Baby is ready

to go!