What areas do you service?

We service the northern Front Range- Loveland, FoCo, Greeley, Longmont, Johnstown, Berthoud and Windsor. Other areas upon consideration and additional charge.

How much does the service cost?

Basic service starts at $45/week. There are add-ons like reusable wipes and wet bags available. Discounts are available for foster parents and for multiple children diapered through us.

What does the Start Up Fee include?

Our $50 one-time, non-refundable Start Up Fee includes:

  • establishing your new account
  • prepping your first set of diapers
  • prepping all future sets of diapers through until potty training.

How do we sign-up?

There is a great deal of important information exchanged during the order process, because of this we disabled signing up for service on this website. Please call us at 970-775-8513 or email us at bosslady@bumbabybum.com and we'll be happy to answer your questions and get you started.

How far in advance should we sign-up?

We schedule your first diaper delivery to occur approximately 7-10 days before your due date, however, it takes up to 2 weeks for us to establish your account. Please keep this in mind when setting up service for a baby that is not yet born. Your start up fee will be billed when you decide to start services, but your first week's payment will not be billed until the week we deliver your first set of diapers.

If your baby is already here or is expected in sooner than 2 weeks' time, then simply sign up and allow up to 2 weeks for us to deliver your first set of diapers.

You provide the diapers, what else do we need?

We provide, launder and deliver the diapers. Other than that, you'll need a place to store clean diapers (we use a bookshelf for easy access!), and a place to place your dirty diapers. This can NOT be a Diaper Genie or anything that keeps the diapers in a sealed plastic bag. THIS WILL STAIN YOUR DIAPERS AND WE WILL NOT REPLACE THEM FOR YOU! You may use the trash bag the diapers arrive at your doorstep in as a liner/cover, but do not tie the bag shut until your delivery day.

You may also want to purchase deodorizers, more diapers, travel wet bags or anything else that can be found on our products page. You do not have to buy these from us, feel free to explore. Note, we will not wash diapers not purchased through us.

Does it matter what kind of diaper pail we use?

Yes, using the right kind of pail with cloth diapers is imperative. The best kind is either a wet bag (one per child!), or a stainless steel trash can with a press open foot plate. You may use the bag the diapers arrive in as the liner for your can, but do not seal the bag until your delivery day.

If you should chose to use another storage method, do not use a Diaper Genie, Diaper Dekor or anything that seals the dirty diapers in a plastic bag. This will stain your diapers AND WE WILL NOT REPLACE THEM FOR YOU if they are stained.

Do I have to sign a contract?

For both of our best interests- yes. It's legally binding, but pretty much just says you have read everything on here, you understand it all, and are willing to be a decent human and treat our product with care. That being said READ IT, and once you sign, service can begin. The contract is mostly to make sure we do what we say we're going to, and to make sure you understand all fees and what's expected of you.

How often and at what time are diapers picked up?

We service your neighborhood one day each week between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Upon signing up, you'll be given your designated weekly "Exchange Day". So just have your dirty diapers out no later than 8:00 AM on your Exchange Day and we'll swing by to swap them out with a fresh set!

What is your wash process?

We wash our diapers in a three step process using all natural ingredients. We rely on mother nature to sanitize (the sun!), and vinegar to deodorize. We use a scent-free and a natural chemical only detergent we make ourselves. It works great! On the off chance there isn't a sunny day all week, we will use a conventional dryer to dry your diapers. When this happens, we will use a high temperature wash cycle to sanitize instead.

Will I get the same diapers back each week?

Yes. Upon signing up, we assign you an entire set of diapers just for you. You will receive these exact same diapers to you each and every other week.

Who owns the diapers when we're done?

We do. You are renting the diapers from us, and we expect them back upon termination of service. We will assess diapers for damage at every year after your initial start date, and replace damaged (not stained) diapers for free. If there is damage to the diaper before the year is out, or in between assessments, we will bill you the $25 it costs for a new diaper. These diapers are meant to last for a long time. Any lost diapers will also be charged to you, at the $25/diaper rate.

What if this is my first time with cloth?

That's ok! Most families are new to this. We were once too. You'll get the hang of it soon enough, and your baby's bottom will be the cutest on the block in no time. We are available for questions, and there are many more cloth diapering families than you'd realize in this area. Keep an eye out for those fluffy butts!

But for real, our diapers' changes are not much different than disposable ones. The only noticeable difference is that you have to make sure to get the diaper around the rolls of the baby's legs. They will have to be changed more often- but that's a good think and means no diaper rashes! Also, do not throw the diapers away when you are done with them- place them in a wet bag (not a plastic bag!) until you get home, and then put them in your can.

Are cloth diapers really the best choice?

Well, we think so! It's better for the environment as we use some water instead of having the diapers sit in a landfill for generations to come. We also don't use any harsh chemicals so your baby's skin will thank you. And, your baby will likely potty train long before their peers.

Once I've signed up, how do I make changes or adjustments to my service?

Email us at bosslady@bumbabybum.com. All changes have to occur in writing- this includes a service hold, purchase or termination of service.

How does billing work?

Your initial payment of $50 (Start Up Fee) is non-refundable and will be billed once the service contract is returned to us. It can take up to two weeks to start service, so your first weekly billing will not occur until the day you receive your diapers. You will be billed weekly (or monthly/yearly, depending on our agreement) until we receive written notification of your desire to cancel. There are no refunds given if you pay less often than weekly, so time that right. Also THERE IS A TWO WEEK PERIOD AFTER YOUR NOTICE BEFORE BILLING STOPS! It takes us two weeks to finish up your service, so you will get billed for those two weeks. Any missing or damaged diapers will be billed to your last week, or as noticed by us.

We take all major cards, cash and checks- there is a $25 fee for bounced checks though.

How do I schedule a service hold?

If you need a hold (baby's in the hospital, travel or foster parents are in between kiddos), just email us. If your weekly payment has not gone through yet, we will try to get it in. However, it usually takes 24 hours to put an account on hold. Weekly payment for on hold accounts is $15/week. We will still pick up your diapers that week, but you will need to activate your account with us again (free, just pay your normal weekly rate) before we will drop off your diapers again. Keep in mind that diapers MUST be laundered by us weekly, so let us know about any planned holds as early as possible.

How many diapers am I provided?

You are provided with a total of 160 diapers. Week 1 will give you 80 diapers. Week 2 will give you 80 diapers. Week 3 and on will give you back only the diapers you've used two weeks prior. Say you have 80 but only used 67 on week 1 and are given 80 but only use 72 on week 2, week three will give you 67 back and pick up the 72 you've used. Week 4 will give you the 72 you've used in week 2, and will pick up what you've used that week. The rotation continues until you don't need our services anymore.

Do you have special pricing for twins/ multiples/ foster parents?

YES!! You get $5 off weekly per child while the account is active. On hold accounts are billed at the $15/child rate.

What happens when my baby goes to daycare?

Ultimately, it's up to your daycare provider or babysitter. You can't force them to do something they won't do, not really... That being said, there are no regulations about cloth diapers in daycare or family care centers. They are allowed! If your day care person won't use them, contact us and we may be able to come up with a mutually agreeable part-time cloth service for you. But, maybe show them how easy our diapers are- it's no more work than disposables.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We only ever use your email address for weekly diaper pick-up reminders, and to alert you to any service changes. And we will never share your information with any third parties. Ever.

NOOOOOO! My diapers are leaking! Why?

Diapers should fit around baby's belly and legs snugly. Don't worry- you won't hurt them! You should be able to fit a finger in, but in order to do so, you should have to indent baby's fat. It should not be easy to get a finger in! If a finger can get in, pee can get out. If it's on snugly, try changing your baby more often. Babies (and big kids and adults) should be changed at least every two hours, in addition to when they soil themselves. Bacteria starts to grow at about that two hour point, so change away. Overnights should be ok, just make sure to wipe baby well in the morning. Also, make sure that none of the insert is sticking out the back- if it is, tuck it in, and pull the cover over it.

What happens if it's blizzarding on my service day?

If there is inclement weather on your day, we will email you. Expect us on the next drivable day. It's a good idea to keep some spare diapers (disposable or cloth) on hand for emergencies.

I forgot to put diapers out on my day. What now?

We're parents too. We're busy, and understand you are too. You have three options if you miss your day. We will still drop off your clean diapers, but your dirty ones MUST get washed. Contact us and we'll help you come to a solution that works for you.

  • You can drop off the dirty diapers at an agreed upon location, probably in Loveland.
  • You can pay $10 to have us come around again, at a time that works for us both.
  • You can rinse them in cold water (no detergent, no drying and absolutely NO fabric softener) and wait a week. If you chose this option, you may run out of diapers the following week.

Do I need to rinse the poopy diapers?

Short answer- no. Before your baby starts eating solids, poop is nothing to us. Just change baby and can the diaper. After baby is eating solids, the poops get more solid. We ask that you dump the solid chunk in the toilet. If there is still a lot left on the diaper, you may rinse it to avoid staining. If staining (but still sanitized) diapers don't bother you, great. If they do bother you, those pesky stains, you will have to rinse the diapers after every poop or get a liner at $0.75/each. Those liners will get stained instead of the diaper, but once you learn your baby's schedule you can work with that.

That's a tough one. We do rent additional layers at $0.75 each. You can add those and that ought to be enough. Some parents change baby right before they go to bed- and baby gets used to that and sleeps through, too. You chose. Also, many babies learn pretty quickly to not pee as much at night, then will pee a lot in the morning. So diaper may be wet, but not soaking when she first wakes up, you changer her, and might have to change her again soon after, after she empties her bladder. Hey, never too early to start potty training.