Why Choose Bum Baby Bum?

Why Choose Bum Baby Bum?

Bum Baby Bum is a stylish and healthy cloth diaper available for sale nationwide. We also offer cloth diaper cleaning services in Loveland, Fort Collins, Timnath, and Windsor. Parents that choose Bum Baby Bum have plenty of motivations to do so. Our cloth diapers are safe for the environment and healthy for your baby’s sensitive skin. Read on to discover reasons to choose Bum Baby Bum for your baby.

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Environmentally friendly

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose the Bum Baby Bum cloth diaper is because of its eco-friendliness. Rather than continually sending diapers to the landfill where they will remain for generations to come, you can simply wash and reuse our earth-friendly diapers.

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Bum Baby Bum Cloth diapers are not only cute, but they are also made with quality materials. They are made with your baby in mind, and since they are designed for multiple uses, we ensure that the fabric is long-lasting and durable.

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Design choices

We also offer a variety of designs for you to choose from. We currently have more than 30 designs in stock, so you can find your preferred designs for your baby. At Bum Baby Bum, we are always updating our design options, so there will most likely be new designs the next time you check in with us to make an order. We also give you the option of switching any unused diapers for new designs if you want.

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No chemicals

Cloth diapering is a safe and healthy option for newborns. Your baby’s bum will thank you for choosing Bum Baby Bum. It is made from 100% natural fabric, which means there are no chemicals used in the production at all. You also don’t need to use diaper creams or other chemical products, and you won’t even need to deal with diaper rashes or sores.

There are plenty of good reasons to opt for cloth diaper options over regular disposable diapers, and Bum Baby Bum is a good option to consider. Whether it’s your love for the planet, the diversity of stylish design and trendy options we have, or the fact that you are getting a safe and chemical-free diaper for your child, we’re sure there’s something for you here. Check out the collection of products we have available.