Simplify Your Life With a Diaper Cleaning Service

Simplify Your Life With a Diaper Cleaning Service

As a parent, you understand how expensive and inconvenient it can be to constantly purchase diapers for your baby. Not only are disposable diapers costly, but they are also a waste hazard that causes damage to the environment. This is why we at Bum Baby Bum strive to provide the Fort Collins area with an excellent cloth diaper cleaning service to help you save money and the planet! Check out our website!

stack of clothe diapers


Babies come in all shapes and sizes! Our diapers will fit babies from around eight pounds to about 40 pounds, not accounting for body type. This means some babies can start with our cloth diapers a bit earlier, and some can use them long into their growth. We are happy to say that newborn diapers will be arriving at a later date!

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Babies grow in the blink of an eye, which is why our rental service is the most popular option we offer. We want to ensure your child always has the right size and style to fit their needs. Rentals include 80 diaper inserts and pocket covers a week, with weekly pickup, drop off, and wash!

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Cleaning Service

Our diaper cleaning service includes once-a-week cleaning. In addition, we will stuff the pocket with the liner, so all you have to do is place the diaper back on your baby. Diapers arrive at your door in a plastic bag, which can also be used for dirty cloth diapers.

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Dirty diapers can be a mess, but don't worry, as we have numerous storage options for your convenience! We offer two options: a large pail or a wet bag. Check out the storage section on this page to see all the benefits for each type of pail!

If you want to simplify your life with a diaper cleaning service, make sure to check out Bum Baby Bum! Sign up now for help within the Fort Collins region.